CAGR Calculator (Compound Annual Growth Rate)

CAGR is the annual rate of growth/returns that one earns on the initial invested amount. It is the same rate of returns by which an initial investment would grow each year to achieve the ending value. CAGR assumes steady and consistent growth rates.

Calculate CAGR by inputting the three variables given below:

  • Initial invested amount
  • Expected eventual investment value
  • Investment duration
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How to calculate CAGR?

Imagine Mr. Vikram invested ₹ 10000 in the market. After 3 years, he has ₹ 15000. As he wishes to know how much returns he earned every year, he can put to use the equation provided below. (assuming he has made no added investments in between).

CAGR = (Ending Value / Initial Value) ^ (1 / Time Period) – 1

CAGR = (₹ 15,000 / ₹ 10,000) ^ (1 / 3) – 1
= 14.47%

Ending Value = ₹ 15,000
Initial Value = ₹ 10,000
Time Period = 3 yrs

Mr. Vikram has earned 14.47 % each year on his investments.


  • CAGR indicates the growth of a business or an investment over time quite correctly. Become aware of how much your money has grown annually over a certain period by observing CAGR.
  • By using just one CAGR formula, you can compare many investment products. So you save your precious time.

How does one calculate the rate of growth of an investment over a long period?

There’s a straightforward metric called the CAGR or Compounded Annual Growth Rate, which expresses the effect of compounding while calculating the growth rate of your investments. CAGR indicates the compounded returns you earn on an annual basis irrespective of the annual performance of your investment. Most likely, your investment does not grow at the same rate every year. At times it rises, at times it falls, perhaps even generates negative returns. CAGR lets you know how much your investment grew over a period of several years.


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